same day delivery

We develop smart software, based on a disruptive new logistics concept to offer a fast delivery service at a minimum cost at the time the customer wants, and this at top quality. We solve the problem that the delivery of parcels within a city is very inefficient, and therefore more expensive than necessary, slower than necessary and more polluting than necessary. Much more people, material and time must now be deployed than is actually necessary and it is also very CO2 polluting. We also help customers to increase their turnover. The market is changing from next days delivery, to next day, to same day delivery. Premium service will be the next differentiator.


Traditional carriers work according to an old Hub & Spoke model. This is how the network is set up and they have to use and optimize it. Traditional bicycle couriers drive from A to B and therefore have to charge a high cost price for same-day delivery, which most consumers and retailers are no longer willing to pay. We have a smarter algorithmic-based approach to transport packages, so to speak, from A to B via bus, tram, metro and water taxi with dynamic exchange locations. Time to disrupt the system. Join the movement?